Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Foot & mouth disease" update: A "pearl" in the wrong place

See here for the mouth part (and here for the foot part--the podiatric surgeon says he won't know whether the lump in my foot is permanent until next January, a year after the surgery).

So I go in for a stroboscopy--the doctor sprays my mouth and throat to numb them a bit, then sticks a stick with a video camera on the end down my throat. (The doc's telling me, "Try not to fight with me--don't pull your tongue back while I'm pulling it forward." That's easy for you to say!) Lo and behold, there's a "pearl" on my vocal chords. I now have exciting videos of a polyp. Yippee! Not. :(

Now, to return to my return otolaryngologist and find out what the recommended treatment is. They don't like doing surgery for these, so my guess is that I'm in for a nice long round of speech therapy. Stay tuned.


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